Why Ship with Fraight?

Fraight AI is transportations's first artificial intelligence enabled freight broker. Fraight AI delivers a familar brokerage service, but with superhuman speed and accuracy. Fraight learns your supply chain needs and brings tech benefits with no adoption necessary.

Real People

At Fraight, there is no people OR technology, just people AND technology. With artificial intelligence, we're building cyborgs, not robots.

Artificial Intelligence

Our people and our tech are learning machines. We move every load smarter than the last.

Maximum Impact

We deliver exceptional capacity, without the overhead of 1,000s of brokers on the phone.
We pass those savings on to you.

Making transportation technology a bit more human.

Meet Archie, the ultimate trucking assistant.

πŸ“† Available 24/7 if you need him.

πŸ’¬ No app or website, just shoot a text or email.

πŸš› Works to match drivers with the best loads.

ℹ️ He makes sure you have all the information.

πŸ’΅ Get paid ASAP with 24 hour quickpay.


The Next Generation Freight Broker

The last three generations of technology, desktop, web, and mobile are technologies that you have to train on.

AI is the next generation of technology that trains on you.

Meet the Team

Logistics + Tech + Passion + Business

Parker holcomb
Parker Holcomb
Co-Founder & CEO
Zeke nierenberg
Zeke Nierenberg
Co-Founder & CTO
Torie runzel
Torie Runzel
Jordan ho
Jordan Ho
VP of Product
Freight Broker
Bethany faxel
Bethany Faxel
Head of Finance
Natalie finnegan
Natalie Finnegan
Freight Ops
Willy raedy
Willy Raedy
Software Engineer
Celia bernheim
Celia Bernheim
Head of People
Joe geraldi
Joe Geraldi
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Joe laskey
Joe Laskey
Freight Ops
Ed siok
Ed Siok
Lead Software Engineer
Bry zettler
Bry Zettler
Software Engineer

Strategic Advisors

We are extremely grateful to have such amazing advisors.

Michael zimmerman
Michael Zimmerman
Henry lin
Henry Lin
Machine Learning
Neal sales griffin
Neal Sales-Griffin
Brad holcomb
Brad Holcomb
Supply Chain
Chris sims
Chris Sims
Kevin conway
Kevin Conway
Business & Finance

Commitment to diversity.

We get it. The demographics of tech companies don’t match up with America - and neither does our current team πŸ™. We believe in changing that and we are actively looking for candidates from all backgrounds. We intend to challenge the status quo in tech demographics by introducing innovative recruiting and HR practices that seek out, support, and join individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Interested in getting involved? We're hiring!