Delivering trust to the supply chain™️

Our mission is to deliver the best transportation experience possible for our Team, Carriers, and Customers. Our industry leading technology amplifies our teams ability to deliver outrageous customer service, that only get's better. Can you trust your current truckload provider on price, reliability, and visibility?


Our team will have a truck there for you every time. What if something goes wrong? We'll fix it. Our goal is to be your most trusted truckload provider.

Data Visibility

As an artificial intelligence company, data and pattern recognition is at our core. We provide customers everything from tracking information to strategic insights.

Continuous Improvement

Our technology is constantly training itself, which allows us to anticipate your needs and move every load smarter than the last.

Meet Archie, your trucking copilot.
Available 24/7 if you need him.
No app or website, just shoot a text or email.
Works to match drivers with the best loads.
He makes sure you have all the information.
Get paid ASAP with 24 hour quickpay.
Just text me

Finally, a technology that speaks transportation.

The last three generations of technology, desktop, web, and mobile are technologies that you have to train on.

AI is the next generation of technology that trains on you.

Our Team

When our Founders met in 2013, Parker was CEO of a logistics company and Zeke was the CTO of a Conversational AI company. They both shared a love for coding, learning, and teaching; and quickly became friends. The pair worked on side projects together while brainstorming ways to combine forces. When Parker sold his company in 2016, Zeke was his first call to be the Co-Founder of Fraight.

Parker holcomb
Parker Holcomb
Co-Founder & CEO |
With Supply Chain and Technology in his blood, Parker founded + sold two companies by 30. Parker grew up idolizing his Dad, a pioneer in modern Supply Chain.
Zeke nierenberg
Zeke Nierenberg
Co-Founder & CTO |
Zeke wrote his first line of code before he could read. After college Zeke was recruited to do a BioStats PhD at Dartmouth and Penn, but instead he co-founded his first venture, Trext.
Torie runzel
Torie Runzel
Prior to Fraight, Torie ran Global Operations for the fintech platform T-Rex. She founded the on-demand service DivvyDown in 2013, which she sold two years later.
Jordan ho
Jordan Ho
VP of Product |
Jordan has run product teams for 15 years; from gamification to food data, Jordan excels at building product teams and processes across industries.

Commitment to diversity. We get it. The demographics of tech companies don’t match up with America. We believe in changing that and we are actively looking for candidates from all backgrounds. We intend to challenge the status quo in tech demographics by introducing innovative recruiting and HR practices that seek out, support, and join individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Strategic Advisors

At Fraight, we're not obsessed with tech "disruption" and reinventing the wheel, we're about using the right tool for the right job. We are incredible grateful for the institutional knowledge we can access from supply chain to machine learning.

Chris sims
Chris Sims
Operations |
Chris is Parker's Obiwan, guiding the team with tactical and strategic insight.
Henry lin
Henry Lin
Machine Learning |
Henry was the first Data Scientist at Uber, and knows a thing or two about transporation tech.
Uber Reddit
Brad holcomb
Brad Holcomb
Supply Chain |
Spent first 20 years of career at Kodak, and the next 20 transforming Enterprise Supply Chains.
Kodak Waste Ism
Michael zimmerman
Michael Zimmerman
Logistics |
At the Head of ATK's Logistics Practice, Michael has one of the best macro views on logisitics in the world.
Amanda lannert
Amanda Lannert
CEO-ing |
One of Chicago's most admired CEO's for a reason!
Kevin conway
Kevin Conway
Business & Finance |
As one of Private Equities most respected dealmakers, Kevin provides invaluable insight on navigating industries